New Terminal Awards

16th July 2021
Local Government New Zealand Excellence Award for Cultural Well-being - Highly Commended 

Te Hono – New Plymouth Airport Terminal Project Redevelopment. A collaborative relationship throughout the terminal development process between the council, Puketapu hapū, the airport company, and the designers, to weave design principles into the fabric of the terminal that tell the origin story of Puketapu. 

1st July 2021
The Engineering New Zealand ENVI Awards - Finalist Engineering Impact Award

Te Hono – New Plymouth Airport terminal has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Engineering New Zealand ENVI Awards – Engineering Impact Award. A project or initiative which has positive social, environmental, cultural or economic outcomes to a community, iwi, organisation, the environment, education, or society.

As tangata whenua, Puketapu has a deep bond to the airport site. In the 1960s, their land was taken unceremoniously under the Public Works Act to build the original airport. This project was an opportunity to step well beyond a normal consultancy role to establish an inclusive design process that would both acknowledge and transcend the conflicts of the past.

The design collaboration between Beca and Puketapu is one to be proud of and sets a high standard for future iwi collaborations. They worked with iwi artist Rangi Kipa right from the outset to integrate important narratives, values, and artwork into the building's form and function.

Te Hono is unique to the Taranaki region – it’s an expression of the land and its people – rich in meaning and cultural significance. It's a standout example of a project that truly embraces a partnership with mana whenua.


14th May 2021
New Zealand Institute of Architects, Western Architecture Awards - Public Architecture Award

Te Hono - New Plymouth Airport Terminal has won the Public Architecture Award at the New Zealand Institute of Architects, Western Architecture Awards, held at the Len Ley Center.

Winning this award means we may be shortlisted for the national award later in the year.

Te Hono provides an elegant gateway to the Taranaki whenua. The celestial and terrestrial narrative of the embrace of Tamarau (descending from the sky) and Rono-ue-roa (ascending from the earth) generates a powerful geometry and architectural language that runs throughout the terminal. The partnership of the client and design team with mana whenua has driven the creation of this unique building, which begins a process of healing and addresses a need to right wrongs that were committed on this land. Opening towards an apron to the north east, the structure successfully integrates all of the technical functions of an airport terminal, while its soaring, cloudlike ceiling, extensive carvings, and artworks tell the story of the land it inhabits.

A huge congratulations to Airspresso for winning the Hospitality award, a fantastic result all around for the Airport


13th November 2020
Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Design Award Gold Winners - Toitanga Award

We are proud to announce that we won gold at the Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Design Awards, the biggest in Australasia.
The Toitanga award recognises Maori storytelling and artistic expression and how that is infused into a resulting design and construction of the terminal

“Te Hono embraces tangata whenua expertise and narratives and weaves these throughout every aspect of the airport terminal, an impressive feat for an architectural job of this scale. The diverse range of artworks create a rich and engaging experience for all travellers," the judges said in their comments.

The terminal was also a finalist in the Spatial Design Communication category which reflected how a project used its allocated space to create a tone and vibe while also acknowledges the tools, processes and efforts required to bring it to fruition.

A huge congratulations to everyone involved, this award truly reflects the essence of the new terminal building, the story behind its architectural design and narrative.

6th November 2020
New Zealand Institute of Building Hays Interdisciplinary Collaboration Award - Finalist

"The construction industry by its nature, demands strong collaboration. A key determinant of how successful a construction project will be is the relationship between those commissioned to design, document, and deliver the resultant building. The Hays Construction-sponsored Interdisciplinary Collaboration Award celebrates exceptional examples of collaborative partnerships between consultant(s) and contractor".
Te Hono - New Plymouth Airport terminal was nominated as one of 6 finalists.