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Airport Car Parking

Park quick, fly easy.

Parking convenience takes flight! Say goodbye to fumbling for tickets and searching for paystations.

With our new 'Park Quick, Fly Easy' system, we've eliminated the hassles and holdups of traditional parking so you can kickstart and end your journey, without any added stress.

Our new automatic gate recognises your arrival, and new ‘pay and go’ payment options are designed to get you on your way faster when you leave.

How to Enjoy Our New Parking Experience:

Just drive up to the barrier and watch it lift—no tickets, no waiting.

There are then two easy ways to pay:

Easy: Pop by the terminal paystation and simply enter your registration number.
Even Easier: Hop in your car and as you exit, pay by Paywave - we'll automatically charge you the correct amount.


If you're in the Airport Terminal for under two hours, you can simply drive your car out of the car park.

There's no need to visit the Pay Station in the terminal or present a card at the barrier arm. Simply drive your car towards the barrier arm at the exit, which will rise and allow you to exit free of charge!


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